Finding the Right Security Guards

Anyone running some sort of retail business has most likely thought constantly about different security solutions they can run inside their stores to make sure that they aren’t having a lot of their merchandise stolen. Depending on the location, you might have a security system like cameras work but many people eventually opt into hiring security guards for when their stores are open and closed. Before you put up listings for any security jobs in az, make sure that you take all of this advice in what you should be looking for in hires.

Physically Fit

When you’re looking for people to fill in your security jobs, you’re going to want to make sure they are physically fit. The reason behind this is because they might get in situations such as having to physically fight someone off them if they are trying to overpower them either with punches or a weapon, plus having to run after someone if they are trying to get away with something they stole from you. If you aren’t well versed in what it takes for these requirements, consider hiring a fitness coach to help you watch over applicants in different tests so you can tell who’s good enough. Make sure that every one of your security guards is fit enough.

Background Check

Along with making sure that everyone working for you is physically fit, you need to run a background check on each one. Background checks are useful to see if any of your applicants have a history of crime. Knowing if they have a history in crime is important since you don’t want to hire someone likely to either steal from you directly or let it slide if they have friends who are interested in coming in and stealing merchandise. Getting background checks for potential employees is essential to making sure that you aren’t losing merchandise just for hiring them.


Resumes are useful for finding out who has previous experience out of all of your hires. While beginner security guards can still do a great job, you might want to use a resume to filter some out if you are working with more expensive merchandise or security guards will have a harder time due to you having a bigger store than most. Make sure that you have resumes from all of your applicants so you know who you should hire.


Following all of this advice to get the right security guards is important to make sure that you have a successful business. Make sure that you go over every security procedure with new security guards as they can get into situations where you might be sued if you don’t. Additionally, think about how you want your security guards to patrol during the time where they will just be watching over your business. Sometimes you might want them to stroll around your store to see if anyone’s stealing while sometimes you might want them to simply watch out the door for those running off with items. Either way, make sure that you have security guards to watch.