Cleaning Made Easy Just For You

If you find that cleaning is taking too much of a bite out of what should be your quality time, personal time or even your work, finding a professional and reliable cleaning service is important. There are many types of cleaning services for everything from the mundane to the unusual and whenever possible you should get your cleaning done without doing yourself. While many people may typically think of maid services, there are a wide variety of cleaning services available to suit your needs.

Water Damage and Restoration 

There are many ways that water damage occurs. Storms, failing roofs, falling trees, burst pipes, floods, pets and children all can cause water damage. Getting the damage repaired and getting your home back to normal can be just a phone call away. Be aware that this type of service can take time to perform properly, especially depending on the level of damage. For example, if you need water extracted and de-humidification, these things could take a week or two depending on the complexity and amount of work to be done. Make sure the professionals you call are trained and experienced. Be aware that most water damage chesapeake va professionals are available around the clock so you can get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

Maid Services

Maid services are easy to hire for a variety of common cleaning needs whether you hire them just for a one time service, a set number of visits, or an ongoing cleaning schedule. Prices vary with the level of detail and amount of cleaning needed. For instance, if you threw a raging party and need a maid service, expect that amount of work to cost more than if you need someone to simply come by and clean a slightly or moderately dirty home with 4 or fewer people. Options include same day service, emergency service, move in/move out services, and more.

Janitorial Services For Your Business or Place of Worship

Janitorial services can be hired in a similar way as maid services for your home but they specialize in commercial cleaning services. A wide variety of services are available just for the asking. They can keep your commercial space spotless, restock restrooms and ensure that everything is clean during or after your business hours as you prefer. Contracts often work out to be more cost effective however, some janitorial businesses pride themselves on not locking their clients into contracts.

Carpet Cleaning Made Easy

Carpet cleaning is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your carpet looking like new and extend it’s life. Ask if moving furniture is included or available at all and be aware that you may need to move your own furniture or arrange that with another company. Also, if the grout in your bathrooms needs to be cleaned, ask if the company offers steam cleaning as well. With many of carpet cleaning companies offering appointments 6 days a week, you are likely to get an appointment very quickly with services costing as little as $100 – $200 for homes that are roughly 1,200 square feet.