Examining Different Career Opportunities in the Construction Industry


Are you thinking about a career in the construction industry? Let’s examine a few construction jobs and the pay rate of some of the contractors that work in the construction field.

From doing a little research, I have found that elevator installers fall among the top paid contractors in this field. Elevator installers do more than just install elevators, they can also install escalators or moving walkways. The pay rate for being an elevator contractor averages almost 80,000 dollars a year, with a weekly pay rate of almost 40 dollars an hour. A skill level that will require you to obtain a special contracting license in over 30 US states.

The second contracting job that I found which had a very appealing future for a hard worker was a Boilermaker. Making slightly less than the elevator installers, Boilermakers pay rate is just a little above 60,000 dollars a year, with the hourly rate lingering around 30 dollars. Boilermakers jobs are to assemble, install, and repair large containers that hold dangerous liquids and gases.

After reading about the above jobs and examining the dangers that come along with them. It came to me that while they are on the high end of the pay scale, some people considering a job in this industry may just want a comfortable pay and retirement package without having to obtain a special license or get hired through an apprenticeship. The Elevator Contractor and Boilermaker require both.

Digging further into the construction industry, I came upon landscaping companies and found out that they will also contract out fence installers. However, there are also companies that only work putting up fences.

When we think of putting up a fence, most of us usually think of chain link fences. However, there are many other types of fences you could install. Especially, around your home, business, or farm. I googled chain link contractors Fort Myers Fl and while expecting only to find companies with only chain link fences, all companies that came up in my search had a variety of fences to choose from. Aluminum, Wood, and PVC, just to name three. So, as I wouldn’t have thought of a Fence contractor even finding my list of top construction industry jobs. I now realize how big of an industry this field is.

I also found that the pay rate isn’t that bad either. An average fence installer can start out at about 16 dollars an hour and make 30,000 dollars a year with room for growth. Although it’s still likely that you will need to obtain a contractor’s license to install a fence, it may not require an apprenticeship program. It is more likely that on the job training is all that is required.

The construction field is always in demand because there are many different job markets that fall under this category. I’ve named some top-rated ones, and an average income based one that you may have not even thought about, which still offers an attractive future. So, what are you waiting for?