How to Choose the Right Storage Unit

Self-storage units come in many sizes. If you’d like to determine the right size and how to choose what fits your needs, it’s imperative to take an inventory of the items you want to store. Make a list of these items since you might forget the things that need more space. It’s also imperative to think of your future needs. Will you add more items in the long run? If so, add those items to your inventory to rest assured that your space can accommodate your items not only now but also in future.


Define Your Needs and the Type of Storage Unit You Want


Look at the items you intend to store. You may have a rough idea of the size of self-storage unit you would like to rent, but your items must fit and leave some room. If you want to get your items out of the storage unit, don’t pack them from wall to wall.


How Long Will You Store The Items?


Depending on the duration you intend to store items, it is important to give space for ventilation as well as access. When storing your items for a short period, it’s reasonable to pack them rather closer. But, when storing for a more extended period, you can provide additional space for a walkway.


Consider the Availability of Security


You want to rent a self-storage unit that’s secure to keep your stuff safe. Any facility you’ll be looking at should have good security. A secure storage facility has a gate with computerized access and security cameras. It also has good lighting. You should also consider the management. Choose a storage unit that has an on-site manager.


The Facility Should be Squeaky Clean


The state of the department at a storage unit will give you a clue regarding the overall cleanliness of the area. The department should be dusted. They should have a clean floor as well as groomed staff because a clean office indicates the facility is properly maintained. Look for a Storage facility madison wi that is one such facility.


Consider the Company’s Customer Service


The first time you call a storage facility, you’ll discover how clients are treated. A good self storage facility has friendly managers. They also answer all questions efficiently.


Consider the Location


Perhaps you’re saying to yourself that you want a storage unit near you. You might also prefer one closer to your home or office depending on your routine. The convenience of the location depends on the frequency of your visit to the storage unit.


Does the Storage Unit have Good Value?


If you’re renting a storage unit, you would want to get the most for your money. Rents will vary in every facility as this relies on location, features as well as unit sizes. Consider renting a facility that offers discounts and ones that do not have hidden rental fees. Once you’ve located a functional storage unit that would work for your needs, ask the manager if they can put the unit on hold. A good storage unit should serve all your needs.