Simple Methods of Unclogging a Drain

There are a lot of signs to indicate that the sink has blocked and needs to be checked. For instance, the tub will take long to drain water showing that there are particles inside that are blocking the free flow of water. Moreover, one will notice the pooling of water around one’s feet in the shower. This is also an indication that there is an issue with the drainage system. In some cases, when a sink blocks, odors will be coming out which are very strange. All these are signs showing that soon one will be having a clogged drain.

If action is not taken immediately, one will one day wake up to a blocked drain or a burst tube including a useless bathroom. Food products, chemical concentrations, grease accumulation, and excess hair are some of the common things that cause drain clogs in most private homes. Sometimes, these clogs will require professional cleaning such as a drain cleaning huntington ny and in some cases, even repairs which will be costly. However, one can avoid all these by using some home methods to remove these particles before they block the drain.

One of the at-home methods includes using hot water. This technique is mostly overlooked by many because of its simplicity. Simple hot water can clean the drain off the dirty and clogged items and get it back to its full functionality. One has to flush the drain pipes with hot water to dislodge jammed items as well as buildup gunk by using force, water pressure, and force. For perfect results, one has to let the hot water to run through the clogged drain for around 15 minutes. The heat and the pressure of the water will remove any items that are causing the blockage and get it back to normal working condition.

A bent wire hanger is also one of the simplest methods of unclogging a drain yet very active. One can take a wire coat hanger and make it straight as best as possible. Then make one end bend to make a small hook. Push the wire from the hook side past the cover of the drain and begin fishing. Through this method, one can get the nasty stuff as well as all kinds of hair out of the drain. In addition to this, one has to be careful not to push the items further instead of removing them. After removing as much dirt as possible, then one can run hot water to clean up things nicely.

Vinegar and baking soda are also another perfect way to clean up a clogged drain. After mixing baking soda and vinegar, it will form a fizz. One is supposed to pour the mixture immediately after mixing it. The fizzing effect will help to dislocate the hair, gunk, and grime that are affecting the drain. After the pouring, one can leave the sink to sit for some time before flushing hot water down the drain to full clean up. Alternatively, one can pour down the drain dry baking soda then pour vinegar.