The Usefulness of the Telephone in an Online and Mobile Culture

As the culture has shifted online, there have been a few devices that have been left behind to pick up dust. The telephone is one of the devices that have been left behind. Even though some households have telephones, many of the homes do not have telephones. The majority of people who own telephones are elderly people. Younger generations have discovered that they do not have a need for their telephones. Therefore, they have cut the cord and decided to depend on their mobile phones completely. Some people have also cut the cord on their internet and have decided to just be mobile.

Many people are happy with reaching the internet with their mobile device as well as their tablet using Wi-Fi or their mobile service. With a lot of mobile service providing unlimited data, people are very happy with using their mobile phone for their internet data service. Given that many people do not use that much high-speed data, they rarely go over the high-speed data limit. Therefore, they rarely have a need to use the internet with other devices at home. They just go to a wi-fi hotspot to use the internet and take care of their business services in any way they can. They feel no need to call an internet gonzales service provider for their own home.

With all of these features that people have, this leaves very little room for a telephone. The only types of people that would have a telephone are the older people who have not cut the cord yet or people who just want one to have for the sake of nostalgia. Even though people live for gratification, a lot of the same types of people understand the concept of necessity. Therefore, if they do not see the need for something, they may not get it even if they want the item.

This does not mean that people are not going to use the telephone or that it is completely useless. There are still ways that the telephone can be used. There are also advantages that people have with the telephone that they don’t have with the smartphone. One of these advantages that people have with the telephone is that they are not able to text. While this does sound like a disadvantage, it is an actual advantage because people actually have to communicate with one another. Texting does not have the level of communication that other methods of communication has because words are read instead of heard.

The telephone is still useful even though it does not have all of the features of the smartphone. The landline can still be used for the internet. However, there may have to be some kind of advancement made to the phone service so that people will be more encouraged to get the telephone back. Perhaps something can be done to improve the sound quality of conversations. This can encourage people to take back the telephone by storm. Perhaps companies that are interested in making the telephone popular again can look at ways that they can bring new but necessary features to the telephone.