Why Cremating a Loved One May Be Better For You

Cremation has become very common these days as more and more people choose it over the more traditional burial ceremony. There is a number of reasons for this. One factor is that the cost of a traditional burial is quite expensive and it is such a high cost to get a cemetery plot, casket, embalming services, headstone, and vault. You also need to cover the cost of the ceremony and burial fee. With cremation, it is not necessary to get embalming services is a loved one is cremated in a timely manner. There is also a lot of planning and decisions to be made, and if you are already grieving, it can be hard to make a decision such as these. For many, cremation is simply a preference.

Many people turn to cremation services chicago il to take the stress out of the process of a traditional burial. Many people even feel that it is a natural way of returning the physical body to the earth and they feel that it is also a more secure way to let a loved one go. Although there are not many grave robbers in most parts of the world, it does happen, and if your loved one is cremated, that will never happen to them.

When a loved one is cremated a casket is typically used for the viewing before the cremation, and the actual cremation takes only a few hours. The cremation normally will take place up to 48 hours after the passing of your loved one after the medical examiner ensures that the body is ready for the cremation process. A memorial service can be held within the time frame that the family specifies, and the ashes can be kept in an urn or scattered.

One of the big draws to having a loved one cremated is that it is possible to keep their ashes close to them. It is very difficult to lose someone who is close to you so being able to keep their ashes nearby is a way to heal and to feel comforted. Many people pick out a decorative urn and keep it in their home where they can be close by. If a loved one had a wish to go to the ocean but never had the chance to go, you can scatter their ashes at the ocean.

It can be hard to get everyone together at the same time to attend a funeral especially if many relatives live around the world. You could always get your loved one cremated and hold a service at a later date when everyone can attend. Being able to attend the service is a way to get closure and to say a final goodbye, so it is important that everyone has the opportunity to be there. If you have a service, it does not mean that you need to scatter the ashes. You could always hold a service and then keep the ashes forever if you choose to do so.